SNAPS | A look at Keke Mphuthi and her partner’s birthday getaway

04 September 2021 - 10:00 By Joy Mphande
Keke gives us a glimpse into her romantic getaway with her partner.
Keke gives us a glimpse into her romantic getaway with her partner.
Image: Instagram/ Keke Mphuthi

Bush escapes, aquarium visits, sightseeing and romantic dinner dates. That's what actress Keke Mphuthi's surprise birthday celebration for her boyfriend and baby daddy comprised.  

The actress hosted her husband to five days of bliss in Cape Town for his August birthday.

“It was a surprise. For him, he's not a person that usually celebrates his birthday so I had to talk him into it by saying that we should do a lunch or something simple. I gave him minimal information then I managed to get access to his team players where he works to make sure that for those number of days he's not busy and just booked off.”

Keke shared that the getaway was the first time the pair have been away from their son, Thori, for so long and they kept on having to remind themselves that they should take some time off as they left him with her parents. 

“It was so hard. We tried to video call him as often as we could, but then I think it defeated the purpose of just getting away and just doing us outside of being parents, but we're so attached to him and the mere fact that they'd just send us videos, pictures was painful but it was much needed time.”

There was so much planned for their getaway and they wanted to go sightseeing and wine tasting but the Cape Town weather was not on their side, they spent a lot of their time doing fun indoor activities. 

Having a group of close eight friends at his surprise dinner was one of the highlights of the trip she says,

“When he walked in on his surprise dinner and his best friend was there, he got so emotional. He was not expecting to see his people and friends. My partner is very private and I can't share too much from that moment but it was beautiful.” 

The next escapade Keke says she'll be taking is with her family. On Aug. 1 the actress lost her aunt who succumbed to Covid-19 and says she and her family plan to go on a getaway to celebrate her life together.

“We just decided that we should celebrate her life and plan for month end of October where we all go somewhere and reconnect and be happy together.”