'Class of 2022 let's make history' — Riky Rick announces return of Cotton Fest

27 January 2022 - 07:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
Festival founder Riky Rick is ready to make history with Cotton Fest after a Covid-induced hiatus.
Image: Riky Rick/ Instagram Festival founder Riky Rick is ready to make history with Cotton Fest after a Covid-induced hiatus.

Rapper and festival founder Riky Rick is more than excited that Cotton Fest is back and he is ready to make history with the class of 22.

Taking to Instagram on Wednesday he announced the festival dates March 19-20 for the festival and this year the music explosion and fashion event will be held at The Station in Newtown.

“We Back. This year we bring you the University Of Cotton Fest. Our multilayered festival campus experience includes three stages featuring over 100 of SA’s finest performers and DJs. Class of 2022 let's make history.”

This year makes it the third time the fashion and urban music festival takes place, and Riky Rick said they were ready to get the economy going again. 

“After the past 20 months that we have all lived through, we are humbled to be back yet again to make an impact in the entertainment industry. With the huge support and backing from artists around the country, we are ready to kick-start the road back to normality in a positive way, and get the Creator Economy going again” said Riky Rick in a statement.

While Mzansi is still grappling with the new normal, Riky said he and his partners want to change things for the better. 

“With the industry currently flipped on its head,  Cotton Fest, together with exciting partners, hopes to bring together the industry, and celebrate the graduation of the first class from the University of Cotton Fest 2022.”

With Covid-19 still a thorn in our eyes, there are precautionary measures that will be put in place.

Here's what you need to do:

Provide a personal fully vaccinated certificate (either printed or online)

Provide a negative PCR test, if only vaccinated with one dose, done within 48 hours of the festival (either printed or online)

Do an on-site rapid antigen Covid-19 test if you have not yet been vaccinated, which is available for R150 at the venue.