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DJ Zinhle fires back at AKA: I'm the mother of your child- you respect that!

Karishma Thakurdin | 2016-05-27 19:19:59.0
Zinhle has fired back at AKA.
Image by: via Instagram

Hot-on-the-heels of AKA's telling Twitter outburst, DJ Zinhle has hit back strongly commanding respect.

The rapper's former flame and baby mama has lashed out at the rapper just hours after he caused a social media storm with a barrage of revealing details about their nasty split.

In a series of tweets Zinhle went as far as to say that she doesn't hate Bonang, who "saved her."

"Believe me when I say that I DO NOT HATE Bonang, she saved me. She is beautiful & she is very kind to be dating a fan... Bless her!," Zinhle said.

Zinhle added that the likes of Oskido, Pearl Thusi and Euphonik begged her not to respond, however AKA picked on her mother- and it seems like she's not going to stand for that.

Zinhle added that when AKA decided to be "an adult" he knows where to find her and the baby. She also said that if he has a problem with her he should call her family to discuss.

"Nowhere did Kiernan ever say where he might have gone wrong... He is a victim here. At least respect my family & OUR child,"  Zinhle said.

Zinhle's spicy response comes after AKA took aim at her revealing that he had "been silent for too long."

"Everytime there's beef, U R the common denominator. Ever thought about the fact that if U didn't make enemies, we wouldn't hv 2 choose sides."

The rapper also fiercely defended Bonang for not speaking out even though there were numerous attempts to have her endorsements cancelled allegedly by Zinhle.

AKA also claims that he has to send an email to see his child and is not allowed in their previous complex.


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