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'Love hormone' oxytocin enhances spirituality, study finds

Researchers in the US set out to investigate factors that could enhance the proven benefits of meditation on general health and wellbeing.

Pregnancy: link established between gestational diabetes and depression

Women who develop high blood sugar levels during pregnancy in a condition known as gestational diabetes face a higher risk of postpartum depression or baby blues.

Colon cancer: more than 80% of operations should be conducted earlier

A new study has reaffirmed the crucial importance of the early detection colorectal cancer, which, if discovered in time, can be cured in 90% of cases.

Zuckerberg fund pledges $3 billion to banish disease

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife on Wednesday pledged $3 billion over the next decade to help banish or manage all disease, pouring some of the Facebook founder's fortune into innovative research.

Mixed report for global health progress

The world has made progress in curbing infant mortality, stunted growth and other poverty-driven problems, while obesity, alcohol abuse and partner violence has risen, a major review of UN health goals said.

Durban Chisa Nyama makes list of world’s best restaurants

The traditional braai taste sampled alongside kwaito in a township lounge is now on the world stage‚ with a Durban joint being chosen as one of the 207 best restaurants in the world.

UN sets its sights on superbugs

World leaders on Wednesday will for the first time tackle the growing scourge of superbacteria, which are resistant to antibiotics and are making illnesses from tuberculosis to sexually transmitted diseases increasingly difficult to treat.

No exceptions to cosmetics animal testing ban: top EU court

The EU's top court on Wednesday ruled that there can be no exceptions to a ban on animal testing by cosmetics manufacturers in the bloc.

Sex questions answered: Does smoking affect sex?

Sunday Times sex therapist Dr Tlaleng Mofokeng reveals the lesser-known risks of tobacco and gives advice on coping with the stress that comes with unplanned children

5 amazing things to catch in SA this week

Here are five entertaining events worth diarising this week...
Ndumiso Ngcobo

The best insults come from politicians

Ndumiso Ngcobo shares prime examples of how to put your rivals down

Taking it all in: Brand bosses in your head

These days, marketing companies know more about you than your own sainted mother.
Woman with beautiful eyes drinking a cup of coffee or tea

Tea from a spray can promises end to soggy bags

If there is one thing the British enjoy, it is a good cup of tea and one English drinks maker has come up with an unusual way of making the brew - sprayed into a cup from an aerosol can.
Instant laska

3 genius ways to quickly 'dress up' a store-bought roast chicken

Store-bought roasted chickens are a boon, and you can jazz them up so it looks as if you’ve spent hours putting a meal together. Here are some recipes that'll help you do just that
The view boutique hotel is perched high on the hills of Auckland Park.

Joburgers, escape the concrete jungle at these leafy 'garden' restaurants

The good thing about the Joburg winters (and autumns) is the consistently sunny daytime weather.
Quick pilchard pizzas.

Money-saving recipes with canned pilchards, sardines, mackerel and anchovies

These delicious little fish can make a big difference to your budget. From a creamy pâté to easy home-made pizzas, you simply must try these tasty, fishy treats.
Peanut butter, bacon & banana bread

How to bake an awesome bacon, peanut butter & banana bread

Thought fresh banana bread couldn't get any better? Try adding peanut butter and crispy bacon to the mix. It may seem like a strange flavour combo but, trust us, it really works!
Peppermint Crisp ice-cream sandwiches

How to make scrumptious Peppermint Crisp ice cream sandwiches

Here's a super easy recipe to turn everyone's favourite dessert, Peppermint Crisp pudding, into crowd-pleasing ice cream sandwiches. Best of all, you'll only need four ingredients to make them


Your ultimate gift guide: 85+ stylish finds for him, her & the kids

No matter who you’re shopping for, Sunday Times Fashion Weekly’s definitive gift guide for 2015 will lead you to the finest presents and most covetable stocking fillers for the festive season

Women are the future of Hermes Watches, new top man says

The new head of Hermes Watches is hoping a more feminine touch, added with the fashion group's own in-house know-how, will help it navigate through the turbulence rocking the sector.

Ralph Lauren hands over CEO role to Gap executive

Ralph Lauren, creator of the Polo brand and an iconic figure in the US fashion industry, will step aside as chief executive of his namesake company, the company announced Tuesday.

Hudson Approach: Kentridge on the verge of that Manhattan transfer

William Kentridge is the toast of New York, again.

Divine Design: Accessories with 'vadumba'

''It was all slightly mad and emotional," says London-based furniture designer Justin van Breda, of his latest project Curate, a new collection of home accessories created by fellow South Africans.

The Mercedes All-Terrain: A station wagon that thinks it's an SUV

Audi has the Allroad, Volvo has the Cross Country and now Mercedes is jumping on the bandwagon with the E-Class All Terrain; a car that mixes station wagon practicality with greater off-road capability.

Mercedes mixing power and responsibility

Mercedes is promising a greater focus on electric mobility at this year's event, including EV versions of its entire Smart car lineup plus a plug-in electric concept car.

Honda plays it safe with the new Civic

Buying a Honda Civic has always been a safe choice in terms of reliability, build quality and residual values -- but now with the latest-generation model, heading to the Paris motor show this October, that statement is also true in the literal sense.

Mercedes offers double the fun with its new drop top roadsters

Mercedes is hoping that by offering not one, but two distinct versions of the Mercedes-AMG GT roadster it will breathe fresh air into the sports convertible market.