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Sat Apr 29 19:39:03 SAST 2017

EXCLUSIVE: WhatsApp messages prove Bonang knew of line-up changes at Metro

TshisaLIVE | 2017-04-05 12:32:02.0
Bonang avoided meetings with the SABC for 4 days
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TshisaLIVE is in possession of WhatsApp messages and email communication between Metro FM management and Bonang Matheba which show that there were numerous attempts by the public broadcaster to contact the TV and radio personality about potential changes to her radio show, this despite B insisting she was "bamboozled" about the new format of The Front Row.

Various WhatsApp messages, emails and records of phone calls between Metro FM station manager Sibongile Mtyali, Metro FM program manager Tony Soglo and Bonang reveal how the TV personality denied receiving meeting requests, failed to arrive for scheduled meetings and, in one case, agreed to a meeting only to later say she knew nothing about it.

Highly placed sources at the SABC have accused Bonang of attempting to hold the station to "ransom" and "by avoiding meetings she thought no changes would be implented." Bonang told TshisaLIVE the first time the public broadcaster contacted her was on 2 April, a Sunday when she was "with my family."

"How? How would I have known before? We all found out this morning. Why would I lie about something so important?" she said when asked on Monday about the SABC's timeline of events.

The evidence, as given exclusively to TshisaLIVE, proves otherwise.

On 29 March Metro FM management drew up contract letters for the new financial year.  Everybody, from the talent, to producers and crew were given letters notifying them that there would be changes and meetings would be set up "in the next few days."

In the interim, as the dated document shows, contracts were drawn up.


On 30 March an email meeting request was sent to Bonang asking for a meeting for the next day before her show. In the email it states that "the suggested time is based on your convenience" allowing for an alternative time and date suggestion.

On 31 March station manager Sibongile Mtyali sent Bonang a text after she failed to attend the meeting about changes to her show.


On 31 March Bonang agreed to arrange a meeting with program manager Tony Soglo.

She did not and Tony reached out to her to set up a meeting on Sunday, 2 April.

In the below messages, Bonang agrees to a 5pm meeting. At 6:25pm she denies knowing about the meeting.


But, before denying not knowing about the meeting she messaged Sibongile to say that her father says "it is too late to meet."

(Marked in red)



Bonang went on to Twitter on Monday to say she had resigned after being told she had a co-host an hour before she went on air. In an interview with TshisaLIVE on Monday night, Bonang insisted that it was not about Lerato Kganyago being her co-host, but the "principle" of only being told an hour before she went on air that she would now have a co-host on her popular show, The Front Row.

Bonang has been unavailable for comment.


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