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Bands step up to rock for rhinos

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The first Rocking for Rhinos festival will be held on the rolling hills of the recreational park, located in Hoedspruit, Limpopo, over the weekend of World Rhino Day, September 22 to 23, with all profits raised going towards anti-poaching efforts.

With the majestic Drakensberg mountains as a backdrop, and natural bush, streams and wildlife as surrounding features, Franklyn Park provides the perfect scene for this event.

Consisting of headlining South African performers and top class conservationists, the event aims to raise funds for local anti-poaching teams Quemic , Pro Track and Plaaswag, and ultimately contribute to the saving of the rhinoceros species. With acts ranging from If 6 was 9 to Fuzigish, and speakers such as Braam Malherbe, the event caters to everyone with a common interest in saving the rhino species.

Food and drink stalls, crafts and varying forms of entertainment such as the highly acclaimed Cosmic Storm fire group, and tattoo artists from around the country, the event encompasses everything that a festival is about. Allowances for camping have been created, allowing festival goers to stay on the property during the event.

With ticket options ranging from standard full weekend and standard daily to VIP full festival, there is an option for all who want to contribute to saving our magnificent rhino from extinction.

For the full line up, visit the website.

Hoedspruit, located close to the Kruger National Park, has been hit heavily by the current poaching situation.

Ultimately, the organisers say, “we want rhino poaching to stop”.

Currently, this means putting pressure on local and foreign governments to stand up and take action by creating an ultimate awareness in a way that people of all ages, generations, and backgrounds can identify with. Rocking for Rhinos is a collaboration of conservation, music, and the individual.

The organisation behind the September ‘Rocking for Rhinos’ festival is a registered non-profit organisation and is not a hoax, unlike a lot of ‘rhino funds’ that have sprung up recently.

Their bank statements and books are open to public scrutiny.

“We are doing this for rhinos, I don’t want the next generation to see the rhinos in history books as we once looked at dinosaurs” said Lauren Saad, a member of the Rocking for Rhinos team.

“Every rhino deserves to be protected, as the weapon that nature gave them for protection has now become the reason for their demise” Saad said.


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