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Thu Dec 18 11:29:31 CAT 2014

Critics are comrades the ANC should cherish: iLive

Erwin Schwentzek, by e-mail | 14 December, 2012 00:02

DOES the ruling party not realise that issues around "the road to Mangaung" are affecting all spheres of society ("Mantashe cries manipulation", December 12)?

The ruling party is still in power because the majority voted for it. But many citizens have become disillusioned and unhappy about the irresponsible and self-serving actions of the ANC hierarchy.

In a democratic society truthful reporting and the pointing out of faults in government cannot be seen as mischievous or subversive.

All parties in a democracy are responsible for their actions and this holds true for a ruling party.

The ANC must not and cannot, if it wants to survive, ignore citizens, business, industry and farmers.

If anything, Mantashe should thank the critics for pointing out flaws and wrongdoing. If the ANC governs in the interests of the people this should be a blessing, not a problem.


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