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Hungry people, angry people: iLIVE

iLIVE | 2013-02-01 00:00:32.0

Is it not paradoxical that we starve in the midst of plenty ("Twelve million going to bed hungry in SA", January 30)?

A hungry nation is an angry nation, and our rulers had better take notice of the wave of violent protests sweeping our land. Sooner rather than later those empty stomachs are going to translate into a full-scale war against those who promised so much yet are delivering so little.

We all have suffered pangs of hunger at some point and know only too well the discomfort it can cause, the lack of concentration that accompanies it, the frustration and elevated levels of anger it can arouse. It is no different for our downtrodden brethren. - Narendh Ganesh, Durban North

I AM appalled at the thoughtlessness and bad taste of the choice of recipe "Wild mushroom risotto with truffle shavings" on the day your front page read "12 million going to bed hungry in South Africa" (January 30).

A case of "Let them eat cake". - Rae Davis, Seapoint

YOUR article on the starving millions has haunted me for the past couple of days.

What a terrible indictment this is on the bloated bureaucracy of the ANC; they fill their pockets and those of their cronies with obscene excesses and shamelessly flaunt their symbols of wealth, while almost a third of our population is on the brink of starvation.

With the incompetent but highly paid civil service and local government full of "deployed cadres" who require R33-billion to be helped to do their jobs, and parastatal enterprises enjoying undreamed of salaries, it is no wonder there is so little left to grow the economy and uplift the poor. Shame on you ANC. - Dennis Cook, Noordhoek


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