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Women say wine is an important part of a romantic date

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Calling all gents: you want to woo your woman? Start with a glass of good wine.

In a global poll of 10,500 women in five countries, two-thirds of respondents said that drinking wine is an important part of the dating ritual. Nearly 68 percent said a glass of wine is essential when it comes to creating a romantic setting, compared to 20 percent who said it's not important.

Should the lady friend be French, the odds are one in two that she will be impressed with a good tipple, as 50 percent of respondents there said wine is important, compared to 10 percent of women in the UK and 5 percent of women in Hong Kong.

The online survey was carried out in France, the UK, Hong Kong, Germany and the US, where women answered a questionnaire in advance of Vinexpo, an international wine trade show slated for June 19 in Bordeaux, France. The report was released on Monday.

For many women, wine is best enjoyed in the company of good friends. Their wine of choice is more often than not, a glass of red, but rosé is fast becoming a favourite. And most consider themselves equally capable of picking out a good bottle of vino as their male counterparts.

Though the wine industry continues to be male-dominated, women are important consumers as 44 percent of women polled said they drink wine at least once a week. That statistic also goes up as they get older: 56 percent of women between the ages of 46 to 60 drink once a week, compared to 66 percent of women over the age of 60.

While red wine continues to be the favourite among female drinkers, another female-friendly style wine is quickly encroaching on red's turf. Since 2009, consumption of rosé wines has grown a staggering 160 percent, and 16 percent of women said that's all they'll drink.

Overall, 51 percent of women said they prefer red wine -- that's a 15 percent drop from 2009.

A few cultural differences also emerged from the survey. For instance, 16 percent of women from Hong Kong said being seen sipping a glass of vino "helps their image," whereas that's hardly the motivation for French women.

Overall, 58 percent of women said they think they know wine just as well as men, while 11 percent said they're confident they know even more than their male counterparts.

When it comes to picking wines, the origin of the bottle is most important to 70 percent of French respondents, while the price was the most important factor for British women, at 51 percent.

American women, meanwhile, pick their wine based on the grape, and women in Hong Kong also consider the wine's origin and region when choosing their wines.

The online survey was conducted in partnership with Elle magazines in France and Hong Kong, Konsum Göttinnen in Germany, Wine Spectator in the US and Decanter in the United Kingdom.

Vinexpo is one of the largest wine trade shows of the year, and kicks off its 30th anniversary on June 19. In 2009, the event attracted almost 47,000 visitors from 135 countries. The event is hosted in alternate years between France and Hong Kong.

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Women say wine is an important part of a romantic date

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