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Shawn Mpisane tells court she'll plead not guilty

Sapa | 2013-02-07 15:03:51.0
Sbu and Shauwn Mpisane.
Image by: Jackie Clausen

Businesswoman Shawn Mpisane told the Durban Commercial Crimes Court on Thursday she would plead not guilty to 53 charges of fraud, forgery, and uttering.

Mabongi Flora-Junior "Shauwn" Mpisane is accused of being awarded government tenders worth R140 million after allegedly supplying false information to the Construction Industry Development Board.

In a statement read to the court by her lawyer Jimmy Howse, Mpisane accused the State of repeatedly investigating "the same events" but coming up with different charges.

She said the R140 million related to five tenders. One of these was a R69mn tender where no payment was made and no work had started. Therefore nobody had suffered a loss.

Earlier this week the Asset Forfeiture Unit seized her property and several cars -- 51 of them, according to a report in Durban's afternoon newspaper The Daily News.

Prosecutor Joanne Bromley-Gans said the State was opposed to bail on the grounds that Mpisane was already out on bail when some of the alleged offences were committed.

She said there was a likelihood Mpisane could commit further offences if out on bail.

Mpisane had interfered with another witness in another matter, Bromley-Gans said.

Mpisane would stand trial in another case in May, where she is accused of inflating invoices by more than R5 million to cut her tax bill.

The bail hearing continues.


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