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Tue Apr 25 18:30:10 SAST 2017

Steenkamp family reject speculation Reeva was pregnant

Graeme Hosken and Nikita Ramkissoon | 2013-02-27 12:09:55.0

Model Reeva Steenkamp’s family has rejected international reports that she was pregnant when Paralympian Oscar Pistorius shot and killed her.

Family spokesman Mike Steenkamp said if it was true, which it is not, Reeva’s mother, June would have been the first person to know.

“The post mortem would have revealed if Reeva was pregnant and it did not reveal anything like this. Maybe it comes from the other side, to garner and build up some sort of support for Oscar,” he said.

International gossip sites latched onto a report from the National Enquirer that Pistorius was concerned that his girlfriend was cheating on him with one of her close friends and this is what supposedly sparked the argument between the couple.

According to the report, Steenkamp used the opportunity to inform Pistorius that she was pregnant with his child to placate him.

The Enquirer claims that the pregnancy news sent him over the edge.

Gossip sites and Mail Online have since picked up on it and it is currently circulating on social media.


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