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Tue Apr 25 22:23:12 SAST 2017

Media posts inciting violence against Chinese to be probed by Human Rights Commission

Kgaugelo Masweneng | 2017-02-17 18:53:28.0
Celebrating Chinese New Year. The Chinese Commission in Braamfontein has laid a complaint with the SAHRC after racist posts on social media. File photo.

Racist and inflammatory comments on social media against people of Chinese descent will not be tolerated‚ said the South African Human Rights Commission (SAHRC).

The Chinese Commission in Braamfontein‚ Johannesburg‚ laid a complaint with the SAHRC on Friday in connection with comment posted on social media‚ saying they incited violence and harm against Chinese people and their children.

“There is definitely a case to be made from this complaint. We do not tolerate racism or any other form of hate‚” said SAHRC commissioner Matlhodi Angelina Makwetla.

The comments were lifted by the association from the Karoo Donkey Sanctuary‚ SABC television show Carte Blanche and the Chinese New Year Facebook pages. They include:

“They are the most despicable things on this planet!! I hate the chings!!!”

"I'm disgusted at your fireworks display … may your new year bring to you all the horror and death …"

“I think we should start killing their children for cure for the common babalaas!”

“Personally I say wipe them out – I’d be the first to be there.”

“There are no more disgusting humans than Chinese people. I wish they all just die. Every single one. I hate them and I will never change my mind.”

“…Can we not stop these slant eyed freaks from coming into the country?!”

Erwin Pon‚ chairman of the Chinese Association‚ said: “We want those individuals to be aware that of what they did and why we think it is wrong. And we intend to let the process run its course and create awareness on why saying things like ‘we want your children to die’ is harmful and at the minimum we want them to apologise. Our intended relief is to make everyone know that racism against any racial group is not okay.”

“We have no issue with people exposing and solving situations that affect society‚ we fully support the fight against illegal [activities]‚ whether it’s cruelty to animals or illegal shipping.”


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