Tue Dec 06 02:48:39 SAST 2016

Sales of hybrid and electric cars to exceed 17 million by 2020

AFP Relaxnews | 2016-03-08 13:54:32.0
Brabus Zero Emission programme for the Tesla Model S.
Image by: ©Brabus

New research forecasts that more than 17 million hybrid electric cars will be on the roads by 2020 as "range anxiety" lessens.

The latest figure by Juniper Research marks a significant increase from the 12 million forecast last year, thanks to newer models that are designed to go further on a single charge and the ongoing development of public charging infrastructure models, reads the report.

Analysts also ranked the top five electric car manufacturers scoring them on factors such as vehicle range, sales, infrastructure implementation, time spent on development and deployment and future innovation.

Here are the top five manufacturers according to Juniper Research:
1. Tesla
2. BMW
3. Nissan
4. Chevrolet
5. Ford


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