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Order books open for the Ford GT

AFP Relaxnews | 2016-04-18 11:53:50.0
Ford GT
Image by: ©Ford

The first new supercar from Ford in over a decade will be limited to just 250 examples a year and each one is expected to cost a minimum of $450,000 (R6,561,967.50).

Yet despite the huge price tag that puts the car on a par with the biggest and best efforts in the current Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren lineups, Ford is expecting demand to more than outstrip supply.

Therefore, to bring a bit of democracy to proceedings, the company has set up a dedicated web portal where anyone can essentially register their interest and even start specifying a virtual GT.

Like Ferrari, Ford wants to ensure that each of the initial 500 examples set for production (250 this year and a further 250 in 2017) goes to the most deserving of homes rather than to a speculator that's looking to sell on the car for a profit to someone who really will love every moment of owning it.

That's why whenever Ferrari unveils a new halo car, it is off limits to anyone who isn't a current or past owner of three existing Ferrari flagship models.

While Ford will be similarly choosy with initial applications, it is also promising that this process will be worth it. "The purchase process for the Ford GT is as unique as our all-new supercar," said Henry Ford III, global marketing manager, Ford Performance.

"We understand GT customers are strong ambassadors for Ford Motor Company, and we look forward to providing them a service as distinct as the car itself."

Each owner will be assigned a personal concierge who will take them through every step of the process from specifications to delivery and after-sales service.


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