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Mon Mar 27 18:36:19 SAST 2017

Spoilt Pistorius just like Bieber, but magnified

Lebohang Nthongoa | 2014-03-17 12:59:41.0

Young star turns bad, in this case, turns lethal. That seems to be the theme of the young, rich and famous of recent years. The difference between them though is a matter of degree in their transgressions.

The Oscar Pistorius trial has, in my eyes, highlighted how far off any child star can go in the wrong direction.

To me, Pistorius happened to have a gun and perhaps a bit of paranoia for his safety. But I think a little arrogance brought on by the fame and money from an early age made his feel entitled to use that gun how he wished, regardless of the consequences.

As heard in the testimony of his friend Darren Fresco in court recently, after a gun being exchanged between them at Tasha's restaurant went off in Pistorius' hands, Fresco agreed to Pistorius' request for him to take the blame for the shot.

I am almost certain many other things Pistorius has done have escaped public scrutiny, which unfortunately were all a build up to that fatal Valentines Day.

Many a child star go out of their mind after being obeyed by everyone around them one too many times. But most do not find themselves in the unfortunate position Pistorius is now in.

And many cause the most harm to themselves, Reeva Steenkamp was unfortunately in the line of fire.

Pistorius's biggest mistake may be his undoing. It's not something less wounding like the egg-throwing assaults, DUIs and mental breakdowns experienced by Lindsay Lohan, Amanda Bynes and Justin Bieber in recent times. To me the underlying problem is the same in all cases.

With too much money and power, and not many strong people around to put them in check, and not make every problem they cause go away, a young star is almost certain to meet a hurdle of their making for which they are totally ill-prepared. And no amount of PR can make it go away.

I am glued to the television through the Pistorius trial. I will watch the whole thing unfold.

I hope it's a cautionary tale for those headed in the same direction, in South Africa and abroad.

But in the Justin Bieber case, I hope he gets deported back to Canada for not only breaking the law, but also not valuing his position as a celebrity, and the privilege of living in and making millions in the US.


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