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Decision review has reversed AK Khan's not-out verdict

The Editor, The Times Newspaper | 2012-03-19 00:12:22.0

The Times Editorial: Disgraced cricket boss Gerald Majola has managed to survive for the moment, having been placed on suspension with full pay until a disciplinary inquiry.

When the outcome of the Cricket SA board meeting became known on Saturday, many observers said they felt Majola should have had the courage to resign, given the damning evidence that emerged from the inquiry led by Judge Chris Nicholson.

Majola, who has fought allegations of wrongdoing for almost two years, has finally been exposed as someone who did not serve the sport with honour and pride.

Instead, based on evidence given to the Nicholson inquiry, Majola "surr-eptitiously" received R1.8-million in unauthorised bonuses from the Indian Premier League, and also irregular travel expenses, in contravention of the Companies Act.

After Saturday's decision to suspend Majola, Cricket SA spokesman Oupa Nkagisang said: "The time is right and this outcome shows we are really serious about the Nicholson recommendations.

"We are certain what has been done will ensure that cricket in this country can grow."

Majola was initially cleared of serious wrongdoing by the AK Khan commission and that he was protected for such a long time is illustrative of how the suspended chief executive was shielded by his board. Khan has since resigned.

When the bonus scandal broke, insiders dismissed the allegations as embittered rumour-mongering by former Cricket SA president Mtutuzeli Nyoka.

The objections of the remuneration committee, and those of its chairman, Paul Harris, to financial decisions made in relation to Majola were also rejected.

However, while Cricket SA might believe the end of this scandal is in sight, many have been angered by the damage done to the sport.

There is little doubt that it will take more than a Majola inquiry to undo the harm those obsessed with power have caused.


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