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We've run out of time for talk - it's action or go under

The Times Editorial | 2013-01-14 00:02:19.0

The Times Editorial: The interminable spouting of statements of good intent as a substitute for action must end now if South Africa and the ANC are to avoid a bloody second transition in which the masses are likely to take to the streets in violent protest.

Hunger for land should be on top of the list of things the ANC government should deal with. The government should also begin to deal with the plight of the thousands of students, including graduates, in search of a job.

This situation, if not resolved, will be the perfect stimulus for the restless young, who will not think twice about a revolt against the government.

If President Jacob Zuma is to sleep better at night and build a better legacy in his second term in office, he should leave no stone unturned in changing how his administration operates.

For South Africa to be able to absorb the growing number of job-seekers into the mainstream economy, the usual approach to doing things must change.

The much-protected and endorsed system of cadre deployment by the ruling party must be looked at.

Skills and the ability to deliver should be the rule when we appoint senior managers. Failure by state-owned enterprises to perform has largely been blamed on political meddling.

With our competitors worldwide improving their game, we are likely to remain behind and lose the pole position on the continent if we do not adopt radical changes to our economy.

We should remember that, with more and more countries in Africa attaining peace and stability, their economies are better able to grow. They will soon be desired destinations for foreign investment.

Encouraging noises coming out of the ANC's celebrations in Durban on Saturday point to a willingness by the party to change gear. Let us hope that the strong words from Zuma and his core leadership will not again prove to be empty promises. Time is no longer on our side.


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