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Reduce the size of government by 60% immediately: Cope

TMG Digital | 2016-02-15 11:12:31.0

President Jacob Zuma’s announcement that the country is to have one capital is “a red herring” and an “attempt to assuage the anger of taxpayers‚ who will be incensed with tax increases in 11 days’ time”.

That’s according to the Congress of the People’s (Cope) Dennis Bloem‚ who on Monday said the administration “must begin with a 60% reduction in the size of government immediately”.

First to be cut‚ demanded Bloem‚ should be Zuma’s “43 ministers and deputy ministers”.

“While contemplating a move to have one capital‚ Zuma could have announced that cabinet would be immediately slashed to 20 ministers and 10 deputy ministers‚” he said‚ of the president State of the Nation Address last week.

“Such a move would remove the need for houses‚ cars‚ offices‚ staff‚ and so on for 15 ministers and 28 deputy ministers who will no longer be needed.”

Bloem warned that – with the Budget Speech scheduled to go ahead on February 24 - if the Zuma administration looked to taxpayers to “meekly dig deeper…he will soon see tax protestors joining the rank of other protestors”.

He said African National Congress (ANC) “MPs and ministers have been guilty in allowing a monumental increase in the size of government” and had “refused to exercise scrutiny over (Zuma) or to call him to account”.

“They have eaten too well and satiated themselves while the poor have grown hungrier all the time.”

This would come back to haunt them at the local government elections‚ said Bloem.

“Voters will need to do what ruling party MPs and (National Assembly Speaker) Baleka Mbete have refused to do: call government to account.”


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