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Phucket snake causes black-out

Times LIVE | 2014-05-26 11:44:44.0
A paradise tree snake is shown in this undated handout photo courtesy of Jake Socha, Assistant Professor at Virginia Tech in Blacksburg, Virginia. Scientists studying the amazing gliding proficiency of an Asian species known as the paradise tree snake say it does two things as it goes airborne. It splays its ribs in order to flatten its profile from round into a more triangular form, and it undulates while airborne - sort of swimming through the air. Researchers led by Socha, an expert in biomechanics at Virginia Tech, replicated in a plastic model the shape the snake assumes while airborne, and tested it to evaluate its aerodynamic qualities.

A one metre tree snake had caused a blackout in Phucket Town, plunging several houses and an apartment complex into darkness according to a report.

“We were called to Pimpraprai Place apartments on Rassada Anuson Road [in Baan Kuku, Rassada] at about 10pm,” Pichai Rattanamunee, an electrical engineer with the Phuket Provincial Electricity Authority (PPEA) told the Phuket Gazette.

“While inspecting the cables, we realised that a green snake about one meter long had caused a short circuit by slithering onto the main supply line to the apartment block.”

Apparently the snake died after taking more than 1,000 volts of electricity.

“That’s more than enough to kill a snake. It did not survive,” Rattanamunee told reporters.


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