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How this species of male jumping spider manages the dangers of dating - videos

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Love is a battlefield - if you are a spider.
Image by: Peacockspiderman via YouTube

Love is tough if you are a male 'Jotus remus' jumping spider - if you want to ask her out to dinner, you have to convince her that you're not the main course.

So how do male jumping spiders mate - without getting eaten?

According to research published at Peckhamia, they just have to know how to show some leg.

The spiders basically play peak-a-boo with their club-like legs - hiding behind leaves and sticks and exposing their legs.

When the females attack the decoys - the male then dodges her. If she is interested in mating she eventually stops and the mating can commence.

According to the journal the researchers who observed this behaviour - found the males using it managed to avoid getting eaten 100% of the time.

H/T: Sciencemag


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