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Tue May 23 07:04:26 SAST 2017

WATCH: Herd rescues buffalo from two lions

TMG Digital | 2017-05-17 14:12:41.0

A buffalo found itself in deep trouble when a pair of lions managed to roll it onto its back - but as this video shows, when you're in trouble it can help to have a few friends.

Riesdah Gabier, a sales consultant captured this footage in the Timbavati Reserve, and shared it with Latest Sightings.

According to Gabier, guests at the Umlani Treehouse woke up to find two lions outside their accomodation.

The ranger followed the lions, and eventually they spotted a herd of buffalo.

The lions were tracking two injured buffalo that had started to fall behind the main group. The lions struck, flipping one of the injured buffalo onto its back, but they struck to soon as the herd did a 180 degree turn to come to the rescue.


"The poor buffalo was rolled around like a toy car but the tactics of the herd paid off. They were able to chase the lions off their friend and get them to flee, literally 'saving his bacon'," Gabier told Latest Sightings.

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