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30 Seconds with Cheetahs prop Coenie Oosthuizen

Petros Augousti | 2011-05-15 00:46:29.00 Comments
JUGGERNAUT: Coenie 'Shrek' Oosthuizen

Is Coenie your real name?

No, it's Shrek. Okay, it's really Coenrad, but everyone calls me Shrek. They also call Louis Oosthuizen Shrek. So that's kind of cool. Must be an Oosthuizen thing.

You are one of the most devastating runners in Super Rugby. How does a prop do the goose-step?

I have got so much flak for that goose-step against the Brumbies. When I went to the Springbok squad of 51, I had to do it for everyone after the meeting. When I was at Grey College, David Campese came to do some skill work with us and he taught us the goose-step, and I guess I just did it. Also the coaching staff at the Cheetahs felt I was T-boning too much.


When you run straight over someone, that's called a T-bone. We worked more on me running into space. I am working on my side-step now.

You must be quick for a prop?

I run the 100m in 12 seconds flat and the 40m in 5.17sec. The world has this impression that a tight-forward, who's 1.86m and 127kg, can't do that.

No wonder you score so many tries. Have you always been such a prolific scorer?

I have been bigger and stronger than my opposition all my life and guess that helps with scoring tries. That and positional play and hard work. In Grade 7, I scored 56 tries in 13 games for my school.

Having Os Durandt on the Cheetahs coaching staff must have helped your game?

Os is a huge influence on me. I looked up to him and Bob Skinstad when I was young. He is very strict but he has been there and back.

What about the World Cup?

Peter de Villiers indicated he wanted to take as many senior players as possible to the World Cup so I know I have my work cut out. I just want to be the best in my province and what will happen will happen. It's in God's hands.

Who is the best prop you have faced?

I don't concern myself about who I'm playing against, I just play as hard as I can all the time.

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30 Seconds with Cheetahs prop Coenie Oosthuizen

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