SUNDAY TIMES - Photoshopped advert makes Demi look about 20
Sunday Times STLive By Sunday Times Foreign Desk, 2012-03-25 00:04:28.0

Photoshopped advert makes Demi look about 20

THEY say all publicity is good publicity, and the implosion of actress Demi Moore's personal life is a case in point.

The Daily Mail this week reported that the mother-of-three's woes had not done her bankability any harm. The Ghost star's third marriage to fellow actor Ashton Kutcher broke down last year and was followed by a stint in rehab to treat reported substance abuse and an eating disorder.

Now, cosmetics giant Helena Rubinstein has hired the 49-year-old to front its new campaign, but it could be argued that the results bear little resemblance to the actual Hollywood actress.

In the advert, a flawless Moore bears none of the creases, blemishes and wrinkles - or any facial lines whatsoever, in fact - that are in evidence when she graces the red carpet.

Several bloggers have been quick to point out that Moore has been photoshopped to look like a 20-year-old, but if you looked at the images without knowing the model's identity, you would be hard- pressed to even recognise her.