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Mobsters' wives beat real ones

Pearl Boshomane | 2012-11-12 00:49:00.0
Jennifer Graziano produces reality show 'Mob Wives', about daughters and wives of mobsters Picture: CAROLYN COLE/LA TIMES

Being a wife is lucrative, if the endless American reality shows are reliable reflections of that society.

Once upon a time one had to be somewhat famous to have a reality show. Now as the drama requirements have gone up, fame requirements have dropped drastically.

Over the past few years, TV executives have moved away from reality shows starring the famous to reality shows starring desperate-to-become-famous people. Ordinary people make better reality stars because they will do anything to be remembered.

Behold, the real housewife of The Real Housewives series. This woman doesn't have to be attractive (although it's preferable) or intelligent (preferably not), but she must have attitude and more cash than sense. There are so many The Real Housewives shows I've lost count and don't remember which came first - Orange County or Atlanta?

While the Atlanta housewives are undoubtedly the most dramatic, they look like choir girls next to the stars of Mob Wives. The creator of this reality show, Jennifer Graziano, is the daughter of a high-ranking mafioso, and her show stars her own friends and family, the partners and daughters (or both) of mafiosi. It offers a glimpse into a secret world.

The mob wives are angry, violent women with long hair and longer nails, sharp tongues and lethal punches. These women don't play around. Rivalry? Sort it out with a left hook or five. Bruises and blood are the order of the day.

While the other The Real Housewives shows are nothing but a guilty pleasure, Mob Wives requires you to lock away your morals while praying you don't encounter these women in real life. Be afraid. - With additional reporting from ©The Daily Telegraph

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