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Sex tape 'star' violated

NIVASHNI NAIR | 2012-11-12 00:48:10.0

A prominent Durban beauty salon owner has put up a R10000 reward and hired a private investigator to find out how a home-made sex video and photographs of her in the nude went viral last month.

The 35-year-old Muslim mother said the sex video was captured on her fiance's cellphone in June and she always sent him pictures of herself naked when he was abroad.

The two have been in a relationship for almost five years.

"I was in Istanbul about a month ago when I received the video clip from an unknown e-mail address.

"While I was overseas, relatives called me to say that the clip and three nude pictures had gone viral.

"The video has gone to Durban, Johannesburg and even Cape Town. People have been sending it by e-mail and on cellphone applications such as WhatsApp."

When she returned to South Africa she discovered that her e-mail account and that of her fiance had been hacked.

"I feel that I did nothing wrong because [the explicit exchanges were]shared between consenting adults. But obviously the community will think that what we did is wrong and will talk about it - our privacy has been violated."

She said she has endured both scorn from the Muslim community and unwelcome attention.

"I have had flowers and chocolates sent to my salon.

"I have even had a man bring in his wife to the salon, to show her who I was and to ask me to be his second wife.

"I have [had] indecent proposals and people have been staring at me even at shopping malls. I just want my dignity back," she said.

The woman plans to lay criminal charges once the private investigator has gathered more evidence.


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