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Wed Oct 22 11:37:00 SAST 2014

Hard line taken on 'white' sport

Aphiwe Deklerk, David Isaacson, Liam del Carme and Telford Vice | 07 April, 2014 00:00
Mbalula said his department would block sponsorship of any sports association that was hostile to transformation. File photo
Image by: Sunday Times

Failure to field 60% black players will lead to the Proteas, the Springboks and Bafana Bafana being banned from representing South Africa at international events.

This is according to resolutions taken by the Department of Sport following a meeting between Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula and the provincial MECs for sport on Saturday. They discussed a report, released last week, on the status of transformation in the most popular sports , rugby, cricket, netball, athletics and football.

Mbalula said the group decided to increase the 50/50 quota system to 60% representation after noting a "lack of willingness in implementing transformation, especially the enforcement of quotas".

Failure to implement the new quotas would result in withdrawal of any form of funding and support to federations and sport bodies, he said.

"[We will] withdraw the national colours of any federation that is hell-bent on the current set-up and status quo."

Mbalula said his department would block sponsorship of any sports association that was hostile to transformation. Bidding for and hosting sports events would become illegal without government approval.

The 60% requirement would come into effect immediately.

"The Minmec [ministers and MECs] recommended that it must happen right away. We are going to engage and inform rugby and all the other sporting codes that this is something that has to happen.

"[We will be demanding] development plans from the South African Rugby Union, South African Football Association, Cricket South Africa, Athletics South Africa and Netball South Africa as a matter of urgency and with immediate effect."

All the resolutions of the meeting had to be implemented before the new government administration took office after the May 7 general elections, Mbalula said.

Asked about possible resistance from sponsors, he said he had not heard "anybody" argue against the new quota, but he "would cross that bridge when I get there".

"Transformation is not going to be easy so we have to talk to them. I have instructed my people to engage the private sector equally because they are the biggest investors in sports transformation and sports in general," he said.

Saru spokesman Andy Colquhoun, who could not reach the union's CEO Jurie Roux for comment, asked: "Is the minister asking us to implement a quota of 13 black players in Super rugby teams from next Saturday and the Boks from June, for instance? There is a lot that needs to be understood ."

CSA spokesman Altaaf Kazi said it was still waiting for a meeting with Mbalula about the report on the pilot study on transformation.

"We are not in a position to comment on the statement as the minister might want to explain what he meant when he finally meets us," he said.

Sascoc president Gideon Sam agreed that many federations were failing in terms of development.

"We are seeing it for the Anoca Games ['African Olympic Games for youth] in Botswana later this year. Some federations cannot submit teams," he said, singling out shooting and archery.

"Shooting says the problem is that they've been banned from schools [as a sport]," said Sam.

Lions cricket coach Geoff Toyana said: "We are going in the right direction at CSA, but if there is a quota it could help. We have been through the days of black batsmen coming in at Nos 8, 9, 10 and 11, and black bowlers who bat at No9 and don't bowl.

"That doesn't make sense. Transformation is about giving players quality opportunities. We've done that at the Lions and the players haven't disgraced themselves. I'll be happy if something like this happens. I would support it."


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Wed Oct 22 11:37:00 SAST 2014 ::
Pit Mbalula against Malema, and you will gain access to the ANC skulduggery. These two were the drivers who propelled Zuma into power. It is clear that they avoid each other like rash.
It is also time to use something to divert the growing attention on Nkandla and get a justification to vote ANC for the "transformeyshun processsss"........
So Mr Mbalula, does that mean Bafana Bafana is going to be 40% white from now on? #%*£¥ Moron!
If any white people can come forward Bafana will field them.
Just perfect... I couldn't have said it better....
Message to Duzula. If any high perfoming black person can come foward then the Springboks rugby team will also field them. PS:- The Springbok team (Rugby) has always been in the top 3 best rugby teams in "the world" as per the IRB world table. Where is the South African soccer team in the world log...? need to say anymore. Can't even make it into a world cup because they don't have any skills. Winning games can no more be about about race, it must be about best perfoming person based on merit ...NOT on the colour of their skin. United as one, and priviladge for all is what will make us proud of the soccer squad. I quite like the idea of 40:60 in the Soccer team. maybe all those grave train players must sit on the bench, because they are not doing our brand any good.


Jan 21, 2014
OH that's cool. So that means South Africa will NEVER again know what it is like to win at sport. I think if we guage by the calibre of the 60% that would HAVE to make up the team and liken it to Bafana Bafana it will simply go downhill as with anything that has a black majority. Are these people running the show really that stupid? Without white you know everything fails because blacks don't have the same level of drive, urgency and NEVER take responsibility or accountability for theiur actions. Look at the president for God's sake! Don't we learn? Does mbalula even have a grade 2 certificate?
Really you have a small mind.
So do you!
Exactly! RIP SA SPORT as we know it.
And just in case you think soccer is a "black sport," where do you think it comes from? The only sport Africans new before Europeans arrived was stick fighting.
Thats what you're thinking but you're wrong
Please excuse Duzula today. She is not feeling well. Tell me Mr. Duzula, this 60% "transition" quota is proof of racism in sport. Since when can your skin color get you a place on a national team, I was under the impression you work DAMN hard for a position? You are an agent, a troll for the ANC. People like you are the architects of ZA's downfall.
Obviously sick and tired of the soccer team losing all the time seeing as they are 99% black, and being shown up by the teams that are chosen for ability rather than colour, or if you want to get nasty mainly white teams again. The pot calling the kettle black again. That's right you squirt the teams that actually have whites in them actually work together as a team not an individual, they have a passion for the game not there just for the money.
Yes mbalula we need transformation there, I am with you 100%
Agreed, transformation is needed.......but NOT transformation based on an outdated, historically inaccurate racial system that stems from an Apartheid government! I understand numerous old NP politicians joined the ruling party(ANC) but that is not a justifiable reason to stick with a system of segregating races that has NO scientific basis!!! Define white....Mr Mbalula? Define black.....Mr Mbalula? Sorry what was that.......an apartheid definition! No scientifically please, in a way that is measurable, objective and can be checked by independent means and verified......OH, it CANNOT be done. It IS IMPOSSIBLE......so why continue with something that is OBVIOUSLY flawed???? The transformation our sport and country need is to bring in a system of meritocracy.......and bury once and for all an outdated, impractical and obsolete racial system of classifying humans that holds no/zero/zilch/aheko/nada scientific basis.
Agree Duzula we need transformation, but not more racially based transformation, we need transformation to a system of meritocracy. To continue with an outdated, apartheid era racial classification system that holds no/zero/aheko/nada scientific basis in the 21st century is just unjustifiable, an silly. While I understand many old NP politicians joined our ruling party(ANC), BUT for them to continue to push their racial agenda, which as I mentioned not only holds no scientific basis, but cannot be accurately proven anywhere is just silly and destructive. We need to transform sport and the rest of the country to a system of meritocracy and do away with an unscientific racial based system that cannot be scientifically proven....once and for all .......it is ONLY when we have made this transformation, that we, as a country, can call ourselves a non-racial society!
You want equality and equal opportunities for everyone? Well then 50/50 is right isn't it? Because 40/60 is disadvantaging whites isn't it, or am I wrong?
@ Duzula "Yes mbalula we need transformation there, I am with you 100%" In other words- >>"Failure to field 60% black players will lead to the Proteas, the Springboks and Bafana Bafana being banned from representing South Africa at international events." SA is a Black country and if Black people are not representing the country in a sport code such a code, including swimming and athletics, has in my opinion no right to compete internationally in national or regional colours. National colours should in any event be reserved for Blacks only. Until such time quotas are what the majority of the people in the country want and need. The so-called masses cannot be expected to be emotionally gratified without 'redress' in abundance in the form of among others vengeance, retaliation and victimisation. Hate, pain, jealousy and anger are driving all Black South Africans. Black over white domination must now deliver the long awaited fruits of freedom. This firm decision by Minister Fikile Mbalula and the MEC's for sport is 20 or rather 350 years overdue. Why did the SACP?ANC wait so long before putting a firm foot down using their constitutional authority and numerical supremacy to stop the ongoing illegal and annoying discrimination against black sportsmen and women? And whites must stop whining about so-called reversed discrimination. The Constitutional Court already held that it is not discrimination against the white minority or unlawful when steps are taken to right the multiple wrongs of the past. The international community will undoubtedly support the SACP?ANC in this regard and the white exploiters of Africa are in any event today richer than 20 years ago. None of them has anything to complain about. And those whites without another home that are dissatisfied with the tyranny of the majority must beg for international support, which I doubt will be forthcoming. Fortunately the world community knows exactly who and what they are – the racist scum of the earth that devised the most oppressive and racist regime in world history that according to Professor Noam Chomsky killed millions of people, including women and children in neighbouring countries. These white cockroaches don’t deserve to be treated as human beings and no another country should be willing to put up with these mostly unemployable stupid Afrikaaners. It is a good thing that amongst others publications such as the respected Economist and photographers such as Roger Ballen alerted the rest of the world about these rats. Given another term in office Minister Fikile Mbalula will help to duly sort them out once and for all. >>"Mbalula said the group decided to increase the 50/50 quota system to 60% representation after noting a "lack of willingness in implementing transformation, especially the enforcement of quotas ...........The 60% requirement would come into effect immediately....."The Minmec [ministers and MECs] recommended that it must happen right away. We are going to engage and inform rugby and all the other sporting codes that this is something that has to happen." Why only 60%? Arbitrary figures that possibly will not past ratification by the highest courts in the country or international boardrooms must be avoided. The sport-quotas should at least reflect the national demography as is the case with employment. Banning whites from entering or re-entering the labour market including professional sporting codes is the only way forward. The same applies for the management of sport teams – the Jake Whites, Heyneke Meyers and Gert Smals of the country are overstaying their welcome. Minister Fikile Mbalula is the right person to tell them straight in their faces that they are deliberately frustrating the national will with their persistent presence and that is unacceptable. Creating maximum opportunities for the advancement of previously severely disadvantaged Black people is the responsibility of the duly elected government and all sporting codes. Individual white workers and sportspersons must be duly punished for colonialism and apartheid-colonialism. Frustrating whites is the only way to restore their lost dignity and make the Black majority in South Africa very happy. Who cares about national pride, gold medals, world records, world cups and being competitive on the world stage? Only the racist privileged anti-revolutionary whites that have now long enough resisted and frustrated transformation. A luta continua! Viva Minister Fikile Mbalula - Viva!
@RedRedRobin: "Frustrating whites is the only way to restore their lost dignity and make the Black majority in South Africa very happy." It is a pity to see that people think they can punish one generation for another's mistakes... Let us hope our children will not murder us in their sleep because they feel depraved....
You are a racist pig, plain and simple. You suffer from an inferiority complex and a lack of self-confidence. Please join a national water sports team so that you may drown and we can rid our country of your outdated and unwanted genes.
@ devanzlive. >>"It is a pity to see that people think they can punish one generation for another's mistakes..Let us hope our children will not murder us in their sleep because they feel depraved.." This is how Dr Mario Ambrosini MP articulated your valid concern- "I know of no other cases in a democracy in which a large majority made it legally mandatory to discriminate against a small minority, save for Malaysia which prompted the Chinese to leave it to form Singapore. When affirmative action is for the benefit of a minority, its effects can be absorbed without the majority being discriminated against, but with our percentages and with the modalities of our BBBEE, radical discrimination ensues. This mandatory legal discrimination is meant to apply on a purely racial and not economic basis, leaving no hope for the about 760,000 whites who in the past 19 years have moved from a dignified life into squatter camps and below the poverty line. What policy justification can there be to discriminate against them? Discrimination also applies to whites born after 1992, who did not benefit from Apartheid and should not be responsible for paying for its crimes. Because our inheritance taxation, related costs and inflation cut more than 50% off wealth transfers between generations, there are no economic bases to indiscriminately penalise children for their fathers’ economic gains, especially when this discrimination applies to affluent children and those who inherited nothing. As it is morally repugnant, undemocratic and unconstitutional to hold children responsible for their fathers’ alleged or actual crimes, or ascribe collective culpability...." Hunger, hate, pain, jealousy and anger about an undignified life without any hope for the future will ruin this country. Murder and mass murder can unfortunately not be ruled out in the prevailing atmosphere of conflict, mistrust and ever growing animosity.
@ RedRedRobin. “These white cockroaches don’t deserve to be treated as human beings and no another country should be willing to put up with these mostly unemployable stupid Afrikaaners.’’ Are these words your own or did you lift them from a “I HATE WHITES ORGANIZATION”?? Either way I pity you and I sincerely hope you will part with your racist ways before you die!! There is no place in SA or the world for people like you!!
Really Duzula? Africans invented soccer did they? What did they kick around? The head of one of Shaka's victims maybe?
Regretfully mr minister my c@ck is white and my skin colour is caramel. Where will I fit in, black or white. Or does it mean I wont be able to play for the national team. You need to STFU, pay for your lovechild and leave RSA sports to the people who know what they're doing. Like many who love our sport teams/players regardless of skin colour, we don't give a f@ck whether they are black, white, martian, gay or look like my ass. If they play 'befok', then we support them 100%, now f@ck off, TIEF!!!
I will have to find a team from another country to support. If South AFrican sport teams are made up of political choices instead of skill, then they can no longer fit into the international sport category. Our sports will simply die after a few years. But hey, at least the good ones will know they have to leave the country to make it in their sport. Just like in the Apartheid year, we will now have the racial quota era.
In the cases of cricket and soccer, SA has already been relegated to the B-leagues. (Soccer by Bafana's on-field performances, cricket by board-room politics) International rugby seems pretty self-sufficient commercially to look after itself, and probably doesn't need gopvernment support - it's played atr "club" level, not national level, anyway. As a consequence Mr Mbalula can probably go on mouthing his election propaganda, without it having very serious consequences.
But surely that is not enough Minister Mbalula? I mean, if you are intent on pursuing George Orwell's Animal farm politics.....with smoke screen policies that detract from the ruling party's short-comings.............then racial quota's/selection criteria is only the beginning! You must then push for tribal allocations dividing not only indigenous people but also so-called whities too! ;-) We demand and MUST have correct and FAIR percentages of the Zulu, Xhosa, Venda, Sotho, Pedi etc. etc. people represented at all levels......we will NOT just accept race, tribal origins are SO SOO SOOO important(not, ;-))................and as for those so-called whities.......we must divide them up according to their country of origin......because not all are fairly represented in our national teams......and if they are first or second or tenth generation immigrants.....we MUST have a scoring system in place. I suggest, the more generations the so-called whities have lived in our land the more minus points they get.....the new immigrants are likely more pure so-called whities. Once you have dealt with that........and committed it to policy, we need to address the dominance of right handed and footed people in our sporting bodies..........right handed individuals dominate........and it discriminates against all lefties!! We DEMAND fairness and fair representation for ALL left handed individuals at all levels of national sport.....we will NOT settle for anything less than 50/50!! Anyone else want to add in any fair demands here........????? Lol, pathetic, isn't it!!!
Sport is a multibillion dollar business but it’s also for recreation and no one person worthy of holding the Springbok colours should be deprived of it based on the colour of their skin. Mbalula you are taking this racial thing too far so your comments are not justified. I thought we left that dead horse back in 1994. Do you really think that diversifying a squad will make the team win more? As the sports minister you should never be using the race card against anyone person who has owned that right. That right is bestowed on a person based performance merit and hard work and not because of their colour of their skin. PS:- Most the youngsters in the current squads today don’t know or even remember what apartheid was, why “DO YOU PEOPLE” choose to keep this dead apartheid carcass alive by feeding it this garbage. “Dit is dood”…please move on for heaven sakes.
Oh yes another one, people with brown eye colours dominate ALL our sporting teams and those with blue, green or grey and other eye colours(often combinations) are totally neglected......IT IS RACIST and SCREAMS INTOLERANCE........WE DEMAND FAIR representation of all eye colours in all of our national sporting teams! ;-)......any more?
Of our 50 Million strong population in SA, I have met many men and woman that are smarter than me, Nicer than I am, and most certainly more deserving of a ministerial role than the ones we have now. Let us round up just a few people that we do not need in the public limelight, acting as ministers, Spending way too abundantly in these tough times... Do we need Beki Cele to ever talk in public ? Do we need to hear what he thinks about our public protector ? How is it possible that Payega is a chief of police? Minister of agriculture, Joe Ma Pieterson, Resembles a person that is short of a full deck upstairs , why is she a minister ? Zuma is the epitome of the worst possible minister, and then he is the President to add? Surely the people of SA, Black or white, colored or Indian, Chinese or European can see that we have indeed many smarter individuals. We have people in SA that have a moral compass, we have many of them. The SABC is run by the most incompetent and less educated people we have. Maybe the smallest brains in the entire continent. We surely need a turnaround in SA. I remain hopeful. How can the ANC brag another term ? How can it be possible ? http://www.news24.com/MyNews24/SA-needs-a-intellectual-turnaround-20140407
Welcome to Africa.
Man it's going to be fun watching our water sports teams compete with a 60/40 quota. The 40% will be the lifesavers for the 60%!


Jan 21, 2014
What is happening here is a display of the level of intolerance we have towards each other as south african's.having said so it is quite saddening to see that blacks are still viewed as people who lack skill, drive etc hence the reason why transformation has to be enforced upon some of the minority that has no respect whatsoever for the majority of this country. If white sport was so good, why are the proteas struggling in major tournaments, where is the netball or even hockey of this country, majority of the sporting codes regardless of colour are struggling with the exception of the springboks. Some of us long for a day where people will be looked at as south africans rather than skin colour and that will only happen when the minority of this country stops treating the majority as stupid and the majority respects the contribution made by the minority. 20 years into democracy we cannot as the majority keep on being apologetic about transformation in this country.
Some of what you say is true and correct, but we ALL need to understand......we will NEVER achieve a non-racial, free, equal opportunity and fair society.....by using race as a determinant of opportunity! That can ONLY be unfair, unjust and discriminatory......regardless of which way you look at it. My issue with this, is instead of doing the hard work of building up sporting talent by providing decent facilities, coaches, exchange programmes, bringing in international experts, looking at utilising our schooling system to level the playing fields(pun intended).....our politicians force our entire society to be subject to ANOTHER racist policy document. Why you may ask......the answer is.....because it is just SO much easier, changing the policy, than doing the hard work of building up the previously disadvantaged citizens of this country, so they may compete equally and fairly for a position in our national teams! That is just incorrect and will only bring harm, disrespect and negativity to our sporting bodies. Similarly, if we were to look at our school education system.....instead of doing the hard work to improve our education system(which admittedly is a massive task and would/will take years to fix), they(politician/policy makers) drop the pass mark(policy document) to 30%............now how does that help anyone, our society or our country? But hey it was easy and I am sure those policy makers hardly broke into a sweat through the entire process! So why the goals, these politicians are aiming for, may well be admirable(60% representation of PDI in our national teams).....it is their methodologies and how they go about trying to achieve those goals(ways of implementation)......that is not only potentially harmful to our country/society but totally wrong from a humanitarian perspective(as in this example-it is clearly a racist policy).............and clearly will hinder/obstruct and even destroy our combined goal of a non-racial, free, fair and equal opportunity society!
So why the goals, these politicians are aiming for should read....."so while the goals these politicians are aiming for"...
Racial discrimination - PROUDLY BROUGHT TO YOU BY THE ANC!!
has this blithering idiot even considered the financial consequences this will realize?! Advertising is such a huge sector in our economy and the only reason companies bother to associate themselves with Bafana Bafana is to make them appear to be supporting the Big 3 in sports, however everyone knows they are such a joke and haven't a hopeless chance in hell of achieving anything until they start working for their paychecks (No win = No money chaps) @Duzula, you are absolute moron that will not agree with anything unless approved by the fiends at the ANC, so your entire opinion in this comment section is null and void from the minute you logged in. Business and sport should be run the same way, stop putting people in positions of power simply because their older relatives suffered under the old regime, it's not changing anything other than adding more animocity to the mix, you are creating stereotypes that one race never had to work for their position because they rode the gravy train of BEE into their current place. People should physically have to earn their way forward in this country....
Sadly Mr Mbalula, I dont know of any company who will sponsor a losing side. So you wont have to block sponsors, you wont have sponsors. If you choose a player on race, instead of merit, YOUR country will be the laughing stock of the world, but you probably wont care, seeing that you will still be employed and earn a salary, and the players will not. So, who will want to play for them in any case. I do not know of any country in the world, that choose their sport teams based on their colour or back ground. How much were you offered to make a statement like this or are you just trying to score votes again?