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Dear Mr President, today cannot be business as usual

The Times Editorial | 2016-02-11 00:57:21.0

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Mr president, it is that time of the year again that you must address this nation on matters of life and death.

Today you are again charged with the responsibility to drive this nation out of the economic quagmire in which it finds itself and put it on a new growth path.

The noises you will hear outside parliament will not only be of those of your supporters but also of those of hundreds of South Africans frustrated by your leadership.

Please don't ignore their screams and dismiss them as counter-revolutionaries.

Their protests are a cry for new leadership from you and your executive.

Their love for this country has driven them to do what they know best when faced with leaders like you, who have buried their heads in the sand.

Your party, the ANC, was voted into government by the majority of our people and it continues to have a special space in many people's hearts.

But the recent decisions you have taken have led to a loss of confidence in you. Remember, South Africans paid with their lives to remove an unjust system to give your party the mandate to run this country.

But what we have seen, Mr President, is that you take decisions that suit your needs above those of the nation.

It should not have taken opposition parties and calls by this nation for you to act in accordance with the constitution.

Nkandla pained us and reduced parliament into a beerhall as your ministers broke every rule book to protect you.

As you address this nation today, think about the demands of the students. Think about the factories that are closing down.

Today should not be business as usual. Something must give. Captains of industry have given you notes on how to kickstart the economy, now it's up to you to act.

Stop believing in your own hype and the whispers from praise-singers whose agenda is to continue to loot the state.


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