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Fri May 26 03:53:40 SAST 2017

Money-for-sex seminar is on

Nivashni Nair | 2016-02-17 00:38:52.0

Men, hold onto your wallets. Your girlfriends are about to learn how to extract a monthly allowance from you.

A controversial R300-per-person seminar to supposedly equip women with the skills to get a man to fund their upkeep, is going ahead even after the South African Broadcasting Corporation (SABC) labelled it a scam.

According to "seduction expert" and author Mandisa O Mahlobo, who will lead the seminar, "money and libido are directly related".

"There is something about a giving man that makes us wet! So dear men, Girlfriend Allowance is actually more for your benefit than us! Let's meet and talk Divas!" she captioned the event's poster on Facebook.

Mahlobo yesterday said she would be meeting the SABC.

Her Facebook post on Monday explained an allowance was a gift that a man gave to "his woman willingly because he thinks of her as a queen not a prostitute".

"He understands that his queen needs to be able to pamper herself from time to time and beautify herself for both of them. Look, give it, don't give it, whatever action you choose, will tell us a lot about your manhood."

The planned seminar has received mixed reactions with many women agreeing they need a monthly allowance for their upkeep, while others argued it was sexist. Some men said the stipend would keep their girlfriends from dumping them.

"I don't get an allowance and I think I should get one to buy all the things like lingerie that are needed to impress my boyfriend. He should pay for that," a Johannesburg information technology specialist said.

But clinical sexologist Elna McIntosh said a girlfriend allowance was a form of "transactional sex on a higher scale. It's a modern form of prostitution."

IVY Events and Promotions owner Lesego Moloi yesterday said it had planned a meeting with the SABC to finalise the venue.


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