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Has South Africa been sold to the highest bidder?

The Times Editorial | 2016-03-17 00:46:43.0

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What now, Mr President? One of your deputy ministers yesterday joined a lengthening list of people confirming that the Gupta family offered them top jobs in return for favours.

As a patriot, this particular gentleman declined the offer.

We are duty-bound to ask, Mr President, how a family not elected by us has the power to decide who serves on your executive. Has South Africa been sold to the highest bidder?

Surely the blood, sweat and tears of the fathers and mothers, brothers and sisters who fought for our freedom cannot be flogged off.

Have the magnificent achievements of brave people who served time in prison and sacrificed their lives been handed over to a foreign family of businessmen to do with as they please?

You must answer these questions, Mr President.

Deputy Finance Minister Mcebisi Jonas, former ANC MP Vytjie Mentor and Minister of Sport Fikile Mbalula have spoken out and their voices cannot be ignored.

When you took an oath of office you declared you would act in defence of our constitution. You declared that South Africa came first. So, what now, Mr President?

We hope you will not use the tired old defence that the Guptas have used your name in vain. We will not accept another commission of inquiry to look into these allegations.

Today we need proper answers as to how your friends, and your son Duduzane's business partners, got to decide who serves in your executive.

South Africa cannot be hijacked.

We expect, when you answer questions in parliament today, to tell us who is in charge.

As the ANC national executive committee gathers later this week it must dispel the suspicion that not only the state but the former liberation movement has been captured.

There is a growing perception that the ANC of Oliver Tambo and Nelson Mandela exists only on paper and the men and women charged with the responsibility of leading it are too afraid to act.


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