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Cat attacks seven pitbulls - and wins

The Daily Telegraph | 2016-08-19 02:13:55.0

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An elderly cat named Baby, described as being "very protective" of its owner, viciously attacked a group of pit bulls that were being walked in Victoria, Canada, earlier this week.

The Pit Bulls of Victoria BC walking group, comprising seven dogs and their owners, was out for a walk on Monday morning when the incident occurred.

"The dogs were walking by, completely minding their own business," said Kyla Grover, one of the dog owners.

"The cat just goes at all of the dogs, not backing down.

"The cat is swiping at them and latched onto one of the dog's faces. I got bit and scratched trying to separate them.

"I spent the whole night at emergency because cat bites are nasty."

Baby's owner, Del Thompson, was doing some gardening when he saw the group walking past with their dogs. He told the Vancouver Sun the pet leapt to his defence as one of the animals approached him.

"She's kind of a slow sort of thinking cat," said Thompson. "But one thing is she is very protective of me.

"She's a watchdog and doesn't know it. Cats and dogs don't get along too well sometimes."

One of the pit bulls, named Bandida, required treatment after the attack and, according to owner Javiera Rodriguez, came close to losing an eye.

Thompson and his wife agreed to reimburse Rodriguez the $222 vet's bill for Bandida's treatment.

"The vet hospital thought it was a raccoon that attacked her," said Rodriguez. "She's on antibiotics."

"That's not normal for a cat," Grover told the newspaper. "Cats are pretty skittish, especially when there's seven dogs there."


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