IN QUOTES | Duduzane Zuma at state capture commission: 'Jonas knew where we were going and why'

The son of former president Jacob Zuma was in the hot seat at the state capture inquiry on Monday.

08 October 2019 - 05:25
By Cebelihle Bhengu
Duduzane Zuma (centre) at the state capture inquiry on Monday.
Image: Sandile Ndlovu Duduzane Zuma (centre) at the state capture inquiry on Monday.

Monday marked the first day of Duduzane Zuma's testimony at the state capture commission of inquiry, during which he answered questions related to allegations levelled against him by former finance deputy minister Mcebisi Jonas.

Jonas claimed before the commission that he was offered a sum of R600m as well as a ministerial position during a meeting held between himself, Zuma and businessman Fana Hlongwane in October 2015.

Duduzane was also quizzed about the alleged R2m bribe that was offered to former Free State economic development MEC Mxolisi Dukwana to give a government contract to a company linked to his business associates, the Gupta family.

Here are five telling quotes from his testimony:

Meeting with Fana Hlongwane and Mcebisi Jonas

“I have conducted many meetings from the Gupta residence - on a daily basis there was a preferred meeting place outside an office environment. My residence purely was a private residence for my stay. I've never conducted any meeting at my private place, so we did not go there.”

Jonas knew about the Guptas 

“He knew exactly where we were going, who we were going to meet and why. There's a phone call that happened as there was notably a gentleman that wasn't there, a phone call came in and that is where the change of venue happened. That discussion was had between myself and uncle Fana and I passed the phone over to Mr. Jonas. They had the discussion and there was a mutual agreement to where we were going to meet.”

Facilitating meetings among friends 

“I don't see it strange that an unknown entity is trying to resolve an issue. I have been in meetings where people have put me together with other people in the room where I did not know the third party and similarly I have done this on numerous other occasions.”

R2m offer for Mxolisi Dukwana

“I’m not sure what Dukwana is talking about. I do not agree that this meeting took place. I do not agree that he is placing all these wonderful people at this meeting. In entirety, I completely refute it.”

Securing government tenders

“I think there is a lot of creative writing in this paragraph. The simple fact is government advertising for us should never be an issue. Myself being the son of the president at the time I think is an unfair point to make. The fact of the matter is it was a new station, it was a start-up and just like any other channel, I implored government to support.”

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