Our manifesto launch will be a statement of intent, says DA

09 February 2024 - 16:25
By Sisanda Mbolekwa
DA leader John Steenhuisen will launch the DA's manifesto on February 17 in Pretoria. File photo.
Image: Alon Skuy DA leader John Steenhuisen will launch the DA's manifesto on February 17 in Pretoria. File photo.

The DA believes its upcoming manifesto launch will not be just a regular bouquet of promises but rather a statement of intent.

Federal chair Ivan Meyer said the party is gearing up for the biggest manifesto launch in its history, which will serve as a testament to the DA's commitment to real change and a fresh vision for the nation.

“In the past five years, we have witnessed the decay and decline of South Africa. President Ramaphosa's promises, particularly on ending load-shedding, have proven to be nothing but empty rhetoric,” he said.

“The numbers paint a grim picture — rising poverty, swelling unemployment queues and corruption reaching unprecedented levels.

Tintswalo, the child of democracy, is not living the dream promised by the ANC. The hope of a 'new dawn' has faded into a dusk of despair. Our children are starving, crime is rampant and our health system is crumbling.”

Meyer blamed the ANC's mismanagement for the crippled economy, leading to a budget deficit and desperate measures that threaten the nation's economic stability.

“The time for change is now, and South Africa deserves better. Election 2024 is to reset South Africa.”

He described the DA's manifesto as a data-driven, well-researched document that will address the country's crises.

“Our plan focuses on cutting wasteful spending, fixing the electricity crisis through privatisation, investing in education and fostering an environment for economic growth.

“This manifesto is not just a piece of paper; it's a manifesto created afresh from the bottom up. New research and new economics underpin our approach, ensuring practical and workable solutions to the challenges facing our nation.”

The party will launch the manifesto on February 17 in Pretoria, where they are expecting thousands of supporters to gather at Church Square and march to the Union Buildings.

“The executive seat of government is where we set our sights because to govern South Africa one must be ready to occupy the Union Buildings. With a presence in every province and town, the DA focuses on Pretoria, showcasing our readiness for the upcoming elections. 

“The manifesto launch is not merely symbolic; it's a genuine statement of intent.

“The largest-ever march of DA supporters represents not only our growth but the growing wave of support for a government that puts the people first. As President Ramaphosa delivered his last Sona, we bid farewell to an era of stagnation.”

It is time for a new government led by the DA that will put the people first, Meyer said.

The party thanked the police and the City of Tshwane for their collaboration in ensuring legal compliance and security.

“It is the new beginning. The DA and our partners in the Multiparty Charter are the government in waiting and that is why the executive seat has been chosen for the launch of our manifesto — a manifesto to give people real hope.

“The mission to rescue South Africa starts here.”

The rally will feature renowned artists and a keynote speech by the party's federal leader John Steenhuisen.