It's dazzling! Here's how much Zozibini Tunzi's Miss Universe crown is worth

09 December 2019 - 11:09
By Toni Jaye Singer
Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi proudly wears
Image: Paras Griffin/Getty Images Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi proudly wears "The Power of Unity' crown after winning the Miss Universe 2019 pageant on Sunday in Atlanta, Georgia, in the US.

Miss SA Zozibini Tunzi is the first beauty queen to don the new diamond-studded Miss Universe crown, called "The Power of Unity".

The crown's name is meant to celebrate a woman for being complex, diverse, unapologetically ambitious and strong, said Fred Mouawad of Mouaward, the Lebanese jewellery firm that crafted it. 

Here are some fast facts about it:

  • The crown boasts more than 1,770 diamonds set in 18-karat gold.
  • The ornate design features a series of sparkling leaves and flowers connected by vines. Mouaward explains that these interconnected vines "represent the community of women from around the world whose bonds unite them and reminds us we are stronger together than apart".
  • The sparkling centerpiece of the crown is a golden canary diamond weighing in at a whopping 62.83 carats. It is flanked by another two smaller golden canary diamonds which were cut from the same rough stone mined in Botswana.
  • This incredible piece of jewellery is valued at $5m — that's a whopping R73m.