Kgomotso Christopher on her father having custody of them: We just became his roommates

17 January 2019 - 12:50
By Chrizelda Kekana
Actress Kgomotso Christopher.
Image: Instagram/Kgomotso Christopher Actress Kgomotso Christopher.

Some of Mzansi's famous faces including Kgomotso Christopher, Penny Lebyane, Pearl Thusi and many others have weighed in on the different choices mothers are often faced with in 'child maintenance' fights with the fathers of their children. 

The conversation, which was sparked by the public spat between Ntando Duma and her baby daddy Junior de Rocka over maintenance saw people sharing their own experiences as children who were once caught in between.

Speaking about her personal experience Kgomotso replied to a tweet by Penny about how she wished it was possible to "swap" lives with men for at least three months so they can experience parenting the way most women do. 

In a comical manner Kgomotso explained that swapping lives would be bad for the kids and remembered how her dad took custody of her and her siblings only for them to become his "roommates".

Kgomotso went on to explain how the experience affected her and how years later she's found peace with the cards life dealt her.

The conversation included reasons why parents separate and how they usually think they are acting in the best interest of the child among other things.

Pearl Thusi also shared her two cents on the matter as a young mother who co-parents with an ex.