IN MEMES | Fans outraged by baby daddy drama on 'Rea Tsotella'

08 August 2019 - 13:30
By Masego Seemela
Host of 'Rea Tsotella' Moshe Ndiki.
Image: Via Twitter Host of 'Rea Tsotella' Moshe Ndiki.

Fans are up in arms over last night's episode of Rea Tsotella, after Joshua was allegedly "bullied" by two women, with no one to stand up for him. 

The episode featured Joshua's baby mama and her mother, who came to the show to complain about an alleged lack of financial support from him. 

Ma was seen expressing her anger towards Joshua for not contributing towards their child's well-being. 

Showing her outrage towards her child's father, who sat silently, the woman kept claiming she helped him build his business, only for Joshua to leave her after it boomed.

Social media was divided over the claims and many disapproved of how Joshua  "suffered" in silence while he was "bullied" by the women.

Here are the reactions from Twitter: