LISTEN | Pearl Thusi & DJ Zinhle on single mothers taking over the world

05 March 2020 - 14:00
By Chrizelda Kekana
DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are doing an amazing job of being mothers and still taking over the world.
Image: Instagram/Pearl Thusi DJ Zinhle and Pearl Thusi are doing an amazing job of being mothers and still taking over the world.

Not only are Pearl Thusi and DJ Zinhle #bodygoals and #careergoals but they're rocking the hell out of #motherhood and they've opened up about how they do it.

Speaking to T'bose on Kaya FM, Pearl and Zinhle opened up about the reservoir of strength they drink from that allows them to never compromise on their dreams just because they are mothers.

Pearl said having watched her mother give up on some amazing opportunities led her to take a different approach.

“She didn't go because she was worried about missing things like my first period or (something like that) ... Now in retrospect, I realise that might have been a huge sacrifice for her or she may have been scared - only God knows.

“I believe that kids are not here for us, they are here through us. God is going to handle her life ... like who am I to think that I am better or more important and my presence is more important than God's presence in her life. I trust God with children,” Pearl said.

Zinhle shared the same sentiments as her bestie, adding that she believed that Kairo was created to be a perfect fit in her and AKA's lives.

“It's the same story for me. Kairo is a very independent kid and I think she was created not to come into my life and then make me move things around but to come in and fit perfectly into mine and Kiernan's life.”

Both powerhouses said that having a good support system goes a long way in helping women raise their children when they're busy conquering the world.

Listen to the interview below.

Zinhle previously told TshisaLIVE that while Kairo gets more and more independent by the day, she has learnt the value of communicating and spending time with her.

“I just realise how independent she is, but also that I need to prioritise time with her. She is growing so quickly and I don't want to miss out on teaching her valuable lessons because I suddenly got busy and didn't make time for her. When I am at home, we play and talk and that is time dedicated to her.”

Pearl has been rocking being a single mother longer than her bestie and she's recently adopted a beautiful baby girl named Okuhle.

She's also previously shared some of the ups and downs in an interview with Touch HD.

“She cries every time I leave, she’s sad but she understands the purpose of it all, she’s got big dreams. I always tell her I don't want her to wish that Ariana Grande or Beyoncé or anybody else ... was her mother, I want her to be glad that I’m her mom and for me to make her proud, these are the sacrifices we need to make. She’s got a father who also loves and supports her, so it makes us stronger, but it’s difficult.”