Sizwe Dhlomo defends AKA: He’s not a fraud, just an 'awful business person'

15 May 2020 - 15:00
AKA made some questionable business decisions with regards to SneAKA.
Image: AKA Instagram/ @don__design AKA made some questionable business decisions with regards to SneAKA.

Media personality Sizwe Dhlomo has come out to defend rapper AKA, as the conversation around how he took an L with the Reebok SneAKA deal continues to dominate.

AKA revealed how Reebok allegedly did not pay him any money or royalties for the collaboration on the custom-made sneaker. The TL went on to discuss what a big moemish the move was by AKA, but Sizwe was not going to let any AKA insults fly.

When one tweep called AKA a "fraud", Sizwe stepped in to defend him.  The media personality turned entrepreneur explained that AKA was an amazing artist but admitted that the rapper could have done better in handling his earnings properly.

"He’s not a fraud, he’s one of the most talented musicians SA has ever seen, but he’s an awful business person and his story regarding his career earnings and what’s due to him is tragic," he said.

The AKA SneAKA saga opened up a conversation about how the industry was not kind to artists trying to build generational wealth.

The TL was divided, with some saying AKA should have known and done better, while others wondered whether it was all a PR stunt. 

Meanwhile, Mufasa has been filling his TL with retweets of tweets he seems to be endorsing as far as the SneAKA goes. The rapper didn't directly say anything about AKA, but his TL sure did.

Go check out his TL, you'll see exactly what he thinks of the whole situation.

This is just one tweet as a point of reference.