IN MEMES | 'The River' fans stressed after Lindiwe hears Tumi confess to killing Mbali

19 January 2021 - 15:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Sindi Dlathu is a firm fave as Lindiwe Dikana on 'The River'.
Image: Gallo Images / Lefty Shivambu Sindi Dlathu is a firm fave as Lindiwe Dikana on 'The River'.

The River fans are preparing themselves for a bumpy but thrilling ride as the telenovela crawls towards the finale of the season and the most important secret of the season has finally come out.

After waiting with bated breath for months, fans finally witnessed Lindiwe Dikana find out that it was her daughter Tumi who was responsible for the death of her youngest daughter Mbali.

In case you missed that entertaining era of the telenovela, Tumi was gunning for revenge against the evil and ruthless Lindiwe for everything she had done to her family ... This was before Tumi found out that Lindiwe is her biological mother. Tumi then messed with Lindiwe's car's wiring with the intention of making the brakes fail with Lindiwe at the wheel. But it was Mbali who got in the car first and ended up dying in her mother's place.

Lindiwe never quite recovered from losing Mbali and though she tried to find the culprit responsible, she was mostly grasping at straws.

It wasn't until Lindiwe overheard Tumi confess to killing Mbali that she finally had the answer she'd been searching for. So now, the question is, will Lindiwe kill her own blood? Will Tumi live to make it to the next season? So many questions ... but the one thing tweeps know is that it will be entertaining to get the answers!

The River fans know they are in for an emotional rollercoaster week and some of the best acting from Madlabantu and squad and they are here for all of it.

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