Boity lambastes Euphonik for continuing to 'troll' alleged rape victim

“You’re being a vile a**hole,” Boity said.

01 March 2021 - 10:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
Rapper Boity Thulo called out DJ Euphonik for being 'vile' on Twitter.
Image: Halo Heritage Rapper Boity Thulo called out DJ Euphonik for being 'vile' on Twitter.

Rapper Boity Thulo has been applauded after she became one of the latest SA celebs to take DJ Euphonik to task for his continued “trolling” of an alleged rape victim on social media. 

Despite the National Prosecuting Authority's decision to dismiss the rape case against DJs Fresh and Euphonik due to “a lack of sufficient evidence”, the fight in the public court is ongoing. 

The decision not to prosecute the case continues to be a topic of discussion on social media, while the DJs themselves continue to make “snide remarks” aimed at the alleged victim. 

At the weekend, Euphonik returned to Twitter to post a meme of a detective with a magnifying glass, accompanied by laughing emojis. The meme followed on from a few other tweets, which were viewed as taking aim at the alleged victim. 

“You’re being a vile a**hole. This is not a joke! You’re being accused of the most violent crime and you’re turning it into a sh**s and giggles circus! Either confess or let your lawyers handle this. But what you’re doing here on Twitter is disgusting!” Boity said to Euphonik in a tweet.

Euphonik is yet to respond publicly about the backlash, however both he and DJ Fresh have denied the allegations against them since they first surfaced. 

Boity joined others such as Ntsiki Mazwai, Rosie Motene and Penny Lebyane in showing support for the alleged victim.

Social media users have been calling on more influential celebrities to speak out against GBV perpetrators and accused abusers on the TL, no matter their status or prominence in society.

However, most celebrities have opted to keep mum on the issues, hence Boity trended for hours for being one of the first to tag Euphonik and call him out directly.

Here are some of the reactions to her viral tweet: