Thuso Mbedu apologises for tweeting her gratitude to MacG amid backlash

Twitter made it known the podcast host has been ‘cancelled’ over past homophobic comments

07 May 2021 - 11:00
By chrizelda kekana AND Chrizelda Kekana
US based actress Thuso Mbedu issued an apology after being informed of the full story.
Image: Instagram/Thuso Mbedu US based actress Thuso Mbedu issued an apology after being informed of the full story.

An innocent tweet to MacG from actress Thuso Mbedu backfired after she was slammed  for “praising” the personality who has been “cancelled” over past homophobic comments.

The Underground Railroad star, who is based in the US, expressed her gratitude to MacG after watching an episode of his podcast in which he and the team applauded her achievements.

The actress also congratulated the podcast host on the “great things” he was doing.

It was clear Thuso did not know about the backlash MacG received a few months ago over comments he made about the LGBTQI+ community. This resulted in her landing in hot water. 

Thuso shared her confusion when one tweep said MacG had “done her dirty” and she needed to “investigate”.

The way ngidideke ngakhona (I’m confused). What’s being investigated? Bathe (they said) congrats. I said thanks. I’m not sure what’s going on beyond that,” Thuso shared.

Thuso then turned to a person she trusts and asked for the full 411 on what the big fuss was all about.

After being brought up to speed on the full story, Thuso decided to delete her initial post and issued a statement. 

“I deleted a previous post as it seems to have offended some. I didn’t know why so I went to someone I trust and who I knew could give me better insight. Others chose to educate me and it’s out of care and respect for them that I deleted my post.”

However, Thuso made it clear to those who dragged her and were using the MacG tweet to troll her that she wouldn’t be bullied by them. 

“Please note, ‘Delete this’ and throwing side comments doesn’t educate anyone on anything and as a result, little to nothing is changed,” she said.

Heres the thread that caused the stir: