DJ Zinhle and others rally behind Uncle Waffles after trending thong video

08 December 2021 - 10:00
By Constance Gaanakgomo
DJ Zinhle's affairs are charting the trends list.
Image: Instagram/ DJ Zinhle DJ Zinhle's affairs are charting the trends list.

DJ Zinhle has slammed tweeps who are coming  at internet sensation DJ Uncle Waffles sideways over how she dresses.

This after a video of the DJ’s set went viral on Twitter and some tweeps flooded the TLs with their disapproval of her G-string game. Some tweeps said her choice of clothing was inappropriate for a DJ.

Waffles often performs with her G-string exposed, and it has caused a bit of  a stir on social media.

The Siyabonga hitmaker took to Twitter to slam people dragging Waffles.

“It’s on her body, so it’s OK. She hasn’t asked anyone else to wear it. If you don’t like it that’s also OK but let’s learn to let people be,” Zinhle said.

DJ Zinhle couldn't wrap her head around what music has to do with her clothes. 

“Why? Her outfit changes the sound/music yini? Nisho phela. People? So you haven’t paid for any of her shows but you have so much to say. Ay niyanyisana nina.”

Uncle Waffles can never seem to catch a break from trolls and their continued scrutiny on Twitter. Her rise to fame has open the flood gates of people who have been criticising her non-stop.

Another female DJ who stood in solidarity with Waffles is DJ Lamiez Holworthy. Lamiez has always been vocal about body positivity and women's liberties.  She was surprised there was a dress code for a DJ.

Here are some of the reactions from tweeps who are tired of the vitriol against the young DJ.