#3KCanBuy | Here's 10 of Mzansi's most hilarious ideas

While 3k ain't enough for Ntando Duma the internet has come up with a list of things they can do with the coins

17 January 2019 - 11:06
By Chrizelda Kekana
Junior de Rocka and Ntando Duma share a daughter together.
Image: Via Instagram Junior de Rocka and Ntando Duma share a daughter together.

While R3000 might not be enough for Ntando Duma (and many others in the same tax bracket) tweeps agreed that 3K is A LOT for most in Mzansi and would be welcomed with open arms. 

The internet has been a mess ever since Ntando and her baby daddy Junior de Rocka publicly exchanged words over maintenance payments. 

And ever since then several hashtags including #3KCanBuy has dominated the trends list. 

The internet went ahead and listed a few things R3000 could buy them if they had it.

Although some suggestions were quite frivolous, most tweeps actually listed things that would really go a long way in helping them secure a brighter future.

Some of the ideas were damn near impossible but hey... anything goes in these Twitter streets. Maybe happiness, for example, goes for 3k at the local muti shop...

1. 3k can apparently buy happiness

2. It can apparently buy a collective of Rasta's paintings

3. Some refreshments for the remaining 40 years of January.

4. Well needed study material for varsity

5. Fill a Kia Picanto with petrol for the whole year...apparently 

6. Save a university student from starvation

7. Driving lessons

8. A weave (24" inches'nyana moghel)

9. 3k can very well be someone's salary

10. A year supply of condoms *yikes*