HHP's bass guitarist Aus Tebza is chasing her solo dream at last: HHP inspired me

24 May 2019 - 14:00
Aus Tebza, who played bass guitar in HHP's band, is flying solo.
Image: Supplied Aus Tebza, who played bass guitar in HHP's band, is flying solo.

After playing bass guitar in HHP's band for 12 years and trying to launch her career as a solo artist, Aus Tebza has finally stepped into her own spotlight and she's brighter than ever!

At age 15, all Aus Tebza, whose real name is Tebogo Sedumedi, wanted to be was a band leader. Before she knew it she was playing bass guitar in the late HHP's band and performing with the likes of Simphiwe Dana, Bucie, Wouter Kellerman, Proverb and Laurie Levington.

"I started playing (for) what would be HHP's band back in 2006. I never forgot my own plan, but I knew after getting to know him that my time in his band wouldn't be wasted. Twelve years later, I can say I learned more from him than I'll ever be able to express.

"Working with HHP was a blessing I will never take for granted. More than the music-genius part of it, he was such a person, like an amazing, incredible person. He inspired me. Never, in all the 12 years I played in the band with him, did he ever act like he was a superstar or a celebrity. He was always invested in the human in you and that is a rare and impressive gift to have as a person," she said.

The Krugersdorp-born Aus is a mean bassist and an even better singer. Even though most might recognise her for all the times she's rocked out with HHP's band, Tebza told TshisaLIVE singing came first.

Tebza explained that even though she always set out to go solo at some point, she was eternally grateful for what being part of a band had taught her.

"When you are a part of a band, and a good band, then you learn valuable life lessons. If you are lucky enough to be in a band like ours, where love reigns and we care about each other's growth as people and as musicians, you are even luckier."

Playing the bass guitar was a lesson in itself for Tebza and she summed it up in a brief sentence: "You may sound good by yourself, but you will always sound better when you are in harmony with others."

She's recently released a song called Ngeke Ngiphinde, from her album Make A Difference, and it has been receiving the thumbs-up from radios nationwide. A sign, she said, of the many more great things to come.

Watch her at one of her performances below.