Yoh! 'Skeem Saam’s' Rachel is a runaway bride

23 May 2019 - 09:06 By Kyle Zeeman
Lesego Marakalla plays Rachel Kunutu on 'Skeem Saam'.
Lesego Marakalla plays Rachel Kunutu on 'Skeem Saam'.
Image: Skeem Saam/ Lesego Marakalla

You didn't need to throw bones to predict that Skeem Saam's Rachel Kunutu was going to ditch her wedding and run for the hills.

Her relationship with Morati has had more problems than a skorokoro and she had fans guessing about the big day until the last moment.

Viewers had their hopes up when a wedding day was announced, and when they saw Rachel in her dress they were sure it was going to happen.

And the day was a dream! There was decor and a cake more beautiful than most we see on Our Perfect Wedding

Rachel had chosen a Vienna-inspired theme and it was on point.

Even Rachel's dress was stunning, with a detailed sleeve and wrist bands.

Sis even made it down the aisle, but shocked guests and viewers at home when she made a dash for it.

She pretended that she needed air and then ran through the streets and into oncoming traffic. But she didn't care, she only wanted to get away.

Twitter was flooded with memes about the runaway as both the show and Rachel trended.