Papa Penny is a big, big dreamer & fans are here for it!

Papa Penny funeral cover, avocado orchard, soapie star... Papa Penny wants it all!

23 May 2019 - 09:54 By CHRIZELDA KEKANA
Penny Penny is securing his bag, by any means necessary.
Penny Penny is securing his bag, by any means necessary.
Image: Penny Penny via Instagram

While people are busy deciphering Papa Penny's English and making a mockery of his lack of fluency in the language, the reality superstar is busy getting his money. And with all his passion projects in the pipeline, there's no stopping him!

Papa Penny Ahee fans realised during Wednesday's episode that the Tsonga disco legend was one of the most ambitious people they had ever seen. No dream is too big for the 57-year-old and last night he shared his bucket list items.

There are a lot of things he's passionate about. Among them, Papa Penny wants to be a soapie star, he plans on owning an avocado orchard (so he can give the people afro-avos) and he believes it's time to invest properly in Papa Penny funeral cover.

Tweeps couldn't believe it as Papa Penny passionately spoke about his dreams.  They realised that nothing - not his age or English pronunciation - is going to hold him back.

And even though they feel some of his dreams are "damn near impossible", they sure are rooting for the man!

They had memes: