iFani on THOSE AKA & Anatii twars: It was never that deep!

26 June 2019 - 07:00
Ifani says he wasn't looking to
Image: Gallo Images / Frennie Shivambu Ifani says he wasn't looking to "beef" with either AKA or Anatii when he ignited those twars.

iFani took a sudden and long break away from the spotlight, but even in his hiatus he still managed to hog headlines for his shady tweets towards some of Mzansi's biggest rappers such as AKA, Cassper, and Anatii.

But upon his return iFani has made it clear that he was never looking to beef with anybody and that he was just having fun with "the boys".

The rapper, who recently re-embraced the public platforms with a new song Mokibelo, told TshisaLIVE that while his tweets went viral and left many thinking he's looking to create beef, that wasn't the case.

"Another thing that we Xhosas enjoy doing is making fun of each other. It isn't from a harmful place, it's just fun to do, we are people who love to laugh. We call it ukugezelana. It’s a matter of saying something that is true but in a funny way. There was no malice behind my tweets. Yes, it may have been shade as far as tweeps are concerned but, for me, it was just fun. This applies to all my tweets from AKA to Cassper to Anatii. It was never that deep to be honest."

iFani said he knew that some people may interpret his tweets as malicious and pure hate or shade towards the said musicians but he thought his tweets were hilarious.

"And, about the shade part: fine we can call it shade but if you look at it, it was funny shade, not shade in the usual Black Twitter way. I found it hilarious, it may have gotten viral reactions but I thought it was funny. It wasn't a diss so much as it was just joke. Like boys will be boys kind of jokes."

The rapper said in his time away he had matured and changed for the better as a person and as an artist.

However his quirky and fun side was still very much intact. He said that everyone who has followed him from day one understood by now that humour is a huge part of who he is.

And while not everyone may get his kind of humour, that part of iFani was never going to change!

"I've changed, just as everyone changes as time goes forward. I've matured and I've changed in the way I see things and how I feel about certain things. However, there are parts of me that haven't changed, like how I still love being me, being different. I enjoy being me. I'm still very true to my name, in the sense that I'm not the same as everyone else, I'm iFani still."