'I didn’t know the peanut gallery was spewing sh*t': Anele Mdoda hits back at Oscars hate

11 February 2020 - 09:17
By Chrizelda Kekana
Anele Mdoda got a lot of praise from industry mates for the way she handled the Oscars' red carpet.
Image: Instagram/Anele Mdoda Anele Mdoda got a lot of praise from industry mates for the way she handled the Oscars' red carpet.

Anele Mdoda was not about to let the “peanut gallery” rain on her parade after rocking the hell out of the Oscars' red carpet.

The television and radio personality covered the event for M-Net. Her special was aired on Monday night, but she was mocked for the way she hustled to get high-profile interviews.

She received a lot of praise for a job well done, but some tweeps said she was “cringeworthy” to watch, as she shouted her lungs out to get Hollywood A-listers to look her way.

But sis wasn't going to let them “haters” have the final word.

I didn’t know the peanut gallery was spewing sh*t. A friend called me and we were laughing at how they think people get to where they are. Clearly I should have just stayed at home and Charlize find me in my lounge to grant me an interview.

Wait, so people think A-listers go to the Oscars to grant us interviews without us having to fight for them? I screamed Trevor Noah’s name last year to get his attention and I’m his friend. I am glad you lot will never be on that carpet because you would be wasting M-Net’s money,” Anele said.

“200 media from around the world given one mandate, get as many A-listers as you can.A lady from Italy went home with not a single interview. She won’t have a job when she gets home, I can tell you that. Stop commenting on things you wouldn’t be able to pull off in Daveyton, let alone LA.”

The presenter also shared that she had to compete for the celebrities' attention with other well-known TV hosts. 

“Jimmy Kimmel was on my (right) and Ryan Seacrest on my left, so it’s a damn miracle we got anyone, but we had fun getting their attention. Did that put me telling Leo I would have shared my plank with him?” Anele tweeted.

People who understood what Anele had to go through to get interviews tipped their hats to her.

Among them were Claire Mawisa, Lorna Maseko, Penny Lebyane and Ayanda Thabethe.

Check out their tweets below.