Aspasia Karras is editor-at-large of Sunday Times Lifestyle. She has also worked as publisher of this department and has held senior positions at titles like Marie Claire and Elle.

Fynbos gave Inverroche boss Lorna Scott’s gin its South African tonic

Lorna Scott’s tipple is made in her kitchen and sells in 20 countries.

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The biggest problem with life on Mars, other than the obvious fact that there is none, is how to grow food in a hostile environment, says Aspasia ...

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Aspasia Karras and Kagiso Lediga.

ASPASIA KARRAS | From busking to breaking through to the big time

What’s in a name?  You and Shakespeare may well ask — but I can tell you for a fact that sometimes the signifier really follows the sign.

ASPASIA KARRAS | In a climate of crypto cribs and PJs

Even if you're not sitting pretty in the 0,1% or even the 1% plotting how to live forever in your bunker after the climate apocalypse you personally ...

Let’s dance, under Philip Miller's Vogueing moonlight

Philip Miller is in the thick of rehearsals. He hops out the Uber onto the Parkhurst pavement giving off frenetic energy, the kind that is endemic to ...

ASPASIA KARRAS | Is that the real Jeff Bezos or an AI blow-up doll?

Difficult to tell these days, with sophisticated bots alongside lashings of Botox

‘I like to visit Europe and all those other places but I love coming home’

I have an idyllic picture of Billie Zangewa in my mind. She is sitting in a patch of sunlight in her studio in Johannesburg bent over her sewing, ...

ASPASIA KARRAS | Like it? Want it? Put a ring on it

There is a new dating app where you can forego the swiping humiliation and just wear your single ready to mingle status on your finger, writes ...

‘My kids have been a huge help’: Bianca Naidoo on coping with Riky Rick’s death

With the help of AI, Riky Rick is still getting his message of healing out to Mzansi