DA 'stunt' a democratic right: iLIVE

06 November 2012 - 02:08 By iLIVE
DA leader Helen Zille tries to get closer to President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla compound in KwaZulu-Natal. File photo.
DA leader Helen Zille tries to get closer to President Jacob Zuma's Nkandla compound in KwaZulu-Natal. File photo.

Your front page headline "Zille's failed Nkandla march" (yesterday) should have read "Our failed democracy".

Furthermore, your editorial does little justice to the cause of democracy by reducing the DA leader's action to a "little stunt".

Helen Zille had every right as the leader of the opposition to conduct such an inspection.

What should be of greater concern is the belligerent attitude of the ANC and its cohorts who intimated violence as a means to thwart her visit.

I fear such acts by the ANC will relegate our constitution to a mere scrap of paper.

It must be proven that this was a prudent and necessary expenditure to the benefit of the entire country - and any pressure applied must be welcomed rather than castigated as a "little stunt". - Narendh Ganesh, Durban North

I FIND it strange that you say Zille's "little stunt in Nkandla" placed her and her party members' lives in danger. On what planet do we live? Why can't every member of society go where they please? Why must anyone wait for the inquiry and not go see for themselves?

I want to know what entitles somebody to squander our hard-earned money in such a scandalous way. - J S Buckle, by e-mail

I BELIEVE it rather unfair to claim that Zille's actions were a stunt.

The R248-million spent on Nkandla - while so many are living in abhorrent dwellings - makes a mockery of South Africans scrimping and saving. Zille and the DA will continue to remind all South Africans that the corrupt culture and actions of the ANC must never be met with silence. We must never allow our people to become immune to corruption - Gary Scallan, DA councillor Ekurhuleni, by e-mail

YOU say Zille should have waited for an investigation. We all know what happens to investigations in this country: Zuma, Jackie Selebi, Tony Yengeni, Bheki Cele and so on. There is usually no conclusion, even after years of wasting more taxpayers' money in the courts while the protagonists are usually suspended on full pay.

The Nkandla "stunt" was a huge success to my mind, raising awareness of how our so-called leaders are intent on stealing from all South Africans.

Well done to the DA. This was a courageous act despite the ANC's threats. - Bruce Clemence, by e-mail

AS A taxpaye r, I am very interested in what is going on at Nkandla. That the police and protesters blocked the DA's visit tells me there is a lot to hide. Wouldn't it have shown tremendous leadership if Zuma had asked Zille to tea and shown her what had been done ? - Barbie Sandler, by e-mail

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