Kia has basically just revealed its new 2020 Soul ahead of the LA Auto Show

23 November 2018 - 12:17
The silhouette of the new Kia Soul
The silhouette of the new Kia Soul

Following last week's announcement teasing the rear of a forest green 2020 Soul, Kia just revealed nearly the entire exterior a week before its official LA Auto Show debut.

Last Wednesday, all we had was a picture of the 2020 Soul tail lights; now, we have five more vibrant teaser images of the car that expose nearly the entire boldly green exterior, as well as bits and pieces of the steering wheel, infotainment center, side door, and back-end of a red and white model.

As if it were possible, this Soul model looks even more boxy than previous generations – it's certainly going to be more colorful by the looks of it. Kia describes this aesthetic as "bold" and "immediately recognizable" with a "fun-to-drive personality."

If compared with the 2019 model, the headlights are thinner, the infotainment set-up – or rather the dash surrounding the system – has received a modern facelift, and the interior design got some splashes of color – and that's only from what we can tell given the six teaser images.

The model will come with a variety of powertrains including turbocharged and electric options. After its LA Auto Show debut next week, it will go on sale in Europe in 2019. UK information and availability will be announced soon.